Are you abusing drugs? If so we can HELP YOU HERE at Revive Wellness and Detox!

The DAST (Drug  Abuse Screening Test) questionnaire helps you ask yourself a broad set of questions aimed at better understanding your use of drugs and your risk as a result.

Take our test today to see if drugs are an addiction in your life. We here at Revive Wellness and Detox offer drug treatment are standing by waiting to hear from you. We would love to help inform you and your loved ones about the dangers of drug abuse and advantages of drug treatment. Don’t wait another minute, sobriety is in your near future. Thank you for taking the first step in recovery.

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If the results of this test disturb you, call Revive Wellness and Detox today to hear your options! We are standing by waiting to here from you. You are the most important person in recovery.