Medical Detox

Phase I

Evaluation is the process in which we obtain the individual seeking helps information to assess their appropriate level of care needed. Once we determine that the individual can be admitted into Revive, our staff will provide transportation to their current location to ensure that they are safely directed to our facility. Upon arrival to our facility the process of admission begins.

Phase II

Medical & Detox Stabilization is the second phase where our medical team will evaluate the patients’ current and historical condition. All of these assessments are reviewed by the medical director and a personalized detox protocol will be prescribed. The medical staff and behavioral technicians are available 24/7 to assist the patient with all concerns or needs.

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Phase III

Case Management is when the customized treatment plan begins. Patients are assigned a primary counselor that will work with them on a daily basis. Our daily program includes various group therapies. This program allows them to process how they are feeling and address any needs. Patients are provided breakfast, lunch and dinner. The café is available as well to allow them to access snacks. All staff encourages each patient to get involved with groups and participate in the massage therapy, chiropractic care, acupuncture, and various proven ancillary services that are offered.

Phase IV

Discharge Planning is the final step of the first phase of their journey in recovery. Each patient is assigned a discharge planner who will assist them in arranging and organizing the next level of care in their healing plan. The discharge planner will coordinate a smooth transition to the facility in which the patient will be transferred. Once the discharge plan is finalized and the patient has completed their detox medical protocol; the patient is transported by one of our staff members to the treatment center that they have agreed to attend.