Rafael Hernandez: President

Rafael Hernandez has over 10 years of experience in the substance abuse treatment field. Mr. Hernandez has struggled with addiction himself since he was 18 years old. After admitting himself into a detox facility back in 2006, he found a passion for helping other struggling alcoholics and addicts. In 2011, Rafael opened The Lighthouse Sober Living in Port St. Lucie, FL and four years later, in 2014, he opened Revive Wellness and Detox and Florida Life Recovery, offering multiple levels of care for anyone wishing to get help. After completing classes at Indian River State College, Rafael immerses himself in the day to day operations at both Revive and Florida Life Recovery.

I believe in every individual that walks through our doors because I was one of them.

Beth Hernandez: CEO

Beth Iris Hernandez brings her compliance, licensing, quality assurance, and medical billing expertise to Revive Wellness and Detox and Florida Life Recovery by leading the company with her husband, Rafael Hernandez. In 2011, Beth was a co-founder and CFO of The Lighthouse Sober Living homes right here in Port St. Lucie, FL. After completing courses at Rockland Community College and Dominican College and earning her degree, Beth has worked in various industries including software development and pharmaceuticals. Mrs. Hernandez brings her passion for helping those in need along with her various skills from multiple industries to help lead Revive and Florida Life Recovery in the day to day operations.

I am so thankful for today, because I now get to watch broken individuals and their families heal, just as I had that chance.

Kim Ross: Executive Director of Operations

Kim immerses herself in the day-to-day operations of Revive Wellness and Detox and Florida Life Recovery, ensuring that the client and staff experience is one of balance, wellbeing, consistency, client-employee care and dedication. Kim oversees clinical, management, business development, facilities and admissions for both Revive Wellness and Detox and Florida Life Recovery She is responsible for assuring that the daily functions of the facilities run smoothly, efficiently and effectively.

Her experience started in the treatment community as a owner of Transitional Living Facilities for Male and Females. Her roles have been in leadership and management which allows her to effectively communicate and understand the needs of her co-workers and clients from both a logistical and operational perspective. Kim works side by side with the CEO and President to streamline any decisions making.

She is a mother of 5, wife, sister, a daughter and most of all a family member of a recovering alcoholic/addict. She understands what this disease does not only to the addict but the family. Her passion to helping people is due to the events that have occurred in her life. Kim’s family is her everything and that is what drives her every day, not only to get up but to do better.
As a result of her hard work, commitment and communication she ensures that RDC/FLR is meeting the high standards that our clients need and deserve. She makes sure that every client feels like they are treated as an individual and not just a “head in a bed”.

Michael Ross: Director of Client Services

Michael has an extensive managerial background and has been working in the treatment field for 5 years. He has experience in the substance abuse field, having worked in many different capacities. While working in the field Michael has also dedicated his time and effort to carry the message to addicts/alcoholics throughout his 6 years clean and sober.  

Working for Revive Wellness and Detox does not feel like going to work. It’s like being a part of family that puts client care above all other needs.

Mark Hernandez, MD: Medical Director

Dr. Hernandez received his medical degree at Santo Domingo and psychiatric training at University of Miami Jackson Memorial Hospital. He is a certified physician investigator and has been in the private practice of psychiatry in Florida since 2001.

Dr. Hernandez specializes in the diagnosing and treatment of adults and geriatrics with depression, obsessive compulsive disorder, bipolar disorder, anxiety disorders, adjustment disorders, psychotic disorders and other psychiatric conditions. Dr. Hernandez also has vast experience in the field of research and has been a clinical research investigator in multiple psychiatric medication trials.

Dr. Hernandez also has much experience in dual diagnosing and treatment of clients with substance abuse disorders, including detoxification treatment for multiple substances.

Mary Jean Malinowski, RN

A native of Boston, Massachusetts, Mary Jean follows her mother’s footsteps with her love for the healthcare industry.  A native of the healthcare industry for over 23 years, she began her career at the age of 30 as a Med Surg Nurse at Tufts Medical Center, working there for 5 years before working at Mass General Hospital in Boston for 14 plus years.  Mary Jean has been on the Cardiac Unit as a Cardiac Surgery Nurse for all of her career at Mass General.

Mary Jean has been recognized for her outstanding leadership roles in the organization, and has achieved National recognition by receiving awards for excellence in quality of care, a Simulation Lab Award, and Clinical Care Award.

Working in one of the busiest hospitals in the Nation and on the Cardiac Unit, Mary Jean has experienced a multitude of addicts coming in for heart issues and has witnessed first hand the effects of addition on the human body, as well as how damaging it can be on the heart.  She has witnessed more fatalities contributed to addiction then one can fathom.

In addition to her experience working in the hospital, Mary Jean’s love for this industry comes from a personal experience with addiction.  Her love and caring personality contribute to the top notch care she provides to our clients. Mary Jean attends to the client’s every need, while also relating to their loved ones and what they experience during active addiction.

Stephen Perme LMHC, CAP, ICADC Clinical Director

Stephen Perme is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Certified Addiction Professional, and Qualified Supervisor for mental health interns in the state of Florida (License# MH9118). Stephen brings more than 18 years of mental health and addiction treatment experience to his role as Clinical Director at Revive Wellness and Detox. Stephen began his career in 1999 while working as a Case Manager and earning his Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology at Naropa University in Colorado. Stephen continued his career as a licensed psychotherapist in Denver until 2005 and eventually took on the roles of Clinical Supervisor and Clinical Director for several addiction treatment facilities here in south Florida. Stephen also brings a passion for mindfulness and meditation that translates into a calming, stable presence and insightful outlook that is truly inspiring to his clients and colleagues.

Stephen has a diverse background that brings rich experience to his role. He has worked with many age groups, from youth to retirees and across various settings, from small private practice settings to large mental health and addiction treatment centers. Stephen has specialized training in the treatment of co-occurring disorders, cognitive-behavioral interventions, motivational interviewing, mindfulness-based interventions, multicultural competency, therapeutic boundaries, differential diagnosis, and psychiatric medications. Volunteerism is one of Stephen’s core values—he has volunteered as a caregiver in hospice and nursing homes, and is currently the volunteer director of the Palm Beach Shambhala Meditation Group where he has been teaching and facilitating meditation classes since 2010.

Jacqueline Tobias, Clinical/Medical Manager

Jackie graduated from the Licensed Practical Nursing Program at Indian River State College in 2015 and is currently attending classes to further her career in the medical/mental health field. As being a clinical manager Jackie gained her personal experience and knowledge of recovery through hours of sitting in the rooms of Narcotics Anonymous. Through NA meetings, Jackie’s story and unique gentle nature has enabled her to successfully share her experience, strength, and hope with others who still suffer. With over 9 years of continuous recovery, Jackie’s proven ability to connect with suffering alcoholics and addicts allows her to provide clients with the necessary tools to enjoy personal freedom in recovery. She is dedicated to helping clients out of the grips of addiction and showing them how to maintain long term recovery

Benjamin Dobbs, A.A. Ord. Min. NCLC, Director of Business Development

Benjamin is a versatile leader, a man of honor and courage with strength, who believes whole heartily in the connection with people by the power of love and family. He solely believes in when love has been given a chance, any person can overcome any fear, or obstacles in life, with faith and hope, then that belief will create all things to become possible. Benjamin brings years of professional experience in Ministry, Mental Health Services, Substance Abuse, Health and Wellness industries, and is involved with “Arms of Hope” a Non-Profit “Feeding the Community Program” for the disadvantage children and adults of the community, while developing a Non-Profit Substance Abuse Program for the same populations. As a Life Coach, Minister, and an Editor for the Global Journal of Addiction & Rehabilitation Medicine, he has the opportunities to empower people with encouragement, with a portfolio of speaking engagements in delivering messages with passion in promoting awareness with knowledge, and education on the following topics: Health and Wellness, Spirituality, Transformation, Homelessness, Addiction, Mental Health, Impacting the Youth and Society with community involvement.

You will find in meeting Benjamin that he is a creative out of the box thinker with an open-minded approach. The character qualities and abilities that he brings to his everyday walk of life, presents a product of his personal experience of developing a life of continual character transformation into a prosperous path, for the journey of life. Benjamin believes in continually developing the attributes of his character such as; finding the value in every person, strong communication skills, being passionate, consistent, and understanding, with provision to each of the needs to every person he comes in contact with. Benjamin conducts a strong work ethic, detail oriented in every task with integrity, and versatility. He has a strong desire and a passion to continually give back the tools that were provided to him to build a solid foundation for a successful prosperous life. Benjamin is a person always looking for new strategies and material, to develop innovated curriculums and concepts, leading to improve the results of success found within a person that has struggled through life. He believes by supplying knowledge it will bring a new found hope to achieve the overcoming of the difficulties of life by seeking and finding the true purpose and meaning of life to Unite People for common purposes of helping and healing Humanity.

Michelle Siegler, Business Development Manager

Michelle, originally from the New England area, has made her home on the sunny East coast of Florida. She enjoys spending quality time at the beach with her family on the weekends and dedicating the rest of her time to helping families and their loved ones navigate the process to get the help they need and deserve. After years in the customer service industry she has developed a strong passion for helping others. Having had a long history of substance abuse affecting her family she is dedicated to helping others receive high quality treatment resulting in an opportunity to enjoy life to the fullest in recovery

Michelle has completed her seminary and theology credentials through Covenant Bible College in Vero Beach, FL earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Biblical Counseling and is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Human Services – Addiction Studies through Indian River State College. Michelle is passionate and determined to help others navigate the road to recovery in a kind, compassionate and knowledgeable fashion making the transition from hurting and broken to health and healing. “I believe everyone has the opportunity to live an enjoyable, productive, fruitful life in recovery!”