We have helped many people who are battling with addiction to opiates, cocaine, suboxone, meth-amphetamines, Benzos and many other elicit street drugs. Most of our team are in recovery themselves so they understand the battle you are facing. These are testimonies from real people who were in the same position as you.


I found myself in treatment for the second time in desperate need for a change and had no money or family funds to help move me into a halfway house. So at a time I had little hope I begin with the stress of having no where to go; it an made me wanna give up. Then I got a call that Rafael and Beth would scholarship me into their halfway house, “The Lighthouse Sober Living”. I took the opportunity with my gratitude through the roof. I told Rafael on the ride from the rehab to the house “I will pay you back every penny” to which he replied “I don’t want that I want you to come to me a few years from now introducing me to your wife and kids and owning my own business” I will never forget that conversation.

The following day I got a job but still had no money for food and Rafael invited me into his home to have a home cooked meal from Beth and to sit down and eat with them and their family. I was in shock my own family barely wanted to sit with me at the dinner table or have me in their homes and this family welcomed me with open arms. Again filled with gratitude I worked hard both at work and in the halfway house to be as productive as possible and show him how grateful I was.

Around 6months sober he asked me to manage his house I took pride in what I did there and he told me to treat the business like it was my own cause one day it may be mine. I took my job serious and built a name for myself in the area thanks to Rafael and Beth having my back in all the decisions I made and even being their to have my back when I made minor mistakes being young and dumb. I became not only just a man in their house I became a business man, a family man, and most of all a Christian man by choice. I went on to work at a rehab and own my own halfway house thanks to this man and when the time came I was able to move back home to the city I caused chaos in as a new man and help others here all because the decision he made to look out for me when I needed it most. I now have a Floridian family that is just as close to my heart as my actual family.