Is Addiction Recovery Possible?

There is a scientific reason that some people are addicts and some are not. That reason is not that we are failures!

The reason some people get addicted and other don’t is that some are at much greater risk than others because of their in-born genetic predispositions and/or their environmental backgrounds. Some are at such a high risk that they are “born addicts,” meaning, they exhibit the characteristics of addiction from their first use of drugs or alcohol. They have a genetic predispositions that actually make drugs and alcohol more rewarding for you that it is for those not “born addicts”. They obtain profound emotional benefits from drugs so they continue to use them and develop addiction from long-term abuse.

Still others may have a protective genetic constitution or a particularly supportive environment, making addiction unlikely even if they use drugs for an extended period of time.

Understanding Addiction, Finding Recovery

Understanding the power of addiction is in the process of recovery. It will help you move past blame, victim-hood, helplessness, and failed attempts at sobriety. It is the first step.

Think of the plant growing process:

  • When a seed germinates in the crevice of a rock with no real soil, it thrives for a chance to grow or flourish.
  • The power of germination leads to the eventual fracture of the impenetrable rock. Roots gradually take hold and continue the hope for growth. The relentless seeking of soil and water gradually transforms a rocky landscape into a lush forest.

Such a transformation can occur with the understanding of your addiction. Understanding that all of your choices, all of your decision making, your whole way of thinking, living and believing have led to your addiction, and none of this can help you find the way out.

Unfortunately, in addiction, you do not possess the power necessary to stop. If you can gain purchase in the slightest of cracks of your being with the power of understanding, you can begin to understand your lack of power over addiction or alcoholism.

You must begin to recognize your denial. You can reach the place of the relentless search for a power outside of you, the soil and water of recovery that can alter your landscape.

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Understanding Addiction Will Lead To Recovery:

  • The understanding that the power is outside of you should restore the hope that there is another way.
  • The understanding of addiction will include why your brain becomes addicted while your friends does not.
  • You will understand why you swear with every fiber of your being never to use again yet it happens anyway.
  • You will understand why you have a physical craving and mental obsession over which you have no power to change.
  • You can begin to understand that it is not a question of fairness, it is just how it is.

What good does it do the 18 year old diabetic to ask why he cannot eat pizza with his friends on Friday night rather than accepting how it is and doing what he needs to do to have a healthy and productive life?

Acceptance is his answer to his problem. Just as it is the answer to your problem.

Recovery is not an accident. It is not just a noun. Recovery must be and can be a verb if it is really to be recovery.

Recovery is not an elusive, intangible, tenuous proposition that may come to be one day. Recovery is a palpable touchable thing that you can pick up, put in your hands, and never put down again.

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